Who Is Jenny?

I’m just me.

Oh, you wanted more? Okay, I’ve now started my fifth decade in life. I’m a mom of two fantastically awesome kids. I’ve got an amazing Rory (everyone should have one) who is a great complement to my strengths and weaknesses. I live in Arizona (no, not the hot part) and love it here.

I spend my days homeschooling the kids, writing for a living, and generally being introverted. I love interesting people, and try to surround myself with them. I have a long list of very good friends who are special to me, and I to them. I’m an atheist (since I was 16), have liberal leanings, and score well on tests. I’m raising my kids to think for themselves. I love that I get to spend my days with my favorite people. I long to travel more often and further afield.

Oh, and I love to write parenthetically. Consider it annotation.

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