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Boulder Creek
Boulder Creek in Boulder, Colorado. Sometimes I really miss living up there.

Isn’t that some ancient curse? “May you live in interesting times”? It’s true for me. This past year has been filled with interesting happenstances. Many life changes, a serious crisis or two, but it has all been accompanied by the love of my excellent family and the nurturing of a handful of dear friends.

But the year has held some positive experiences as well. Most recently, that meant a trip to Colorado to visit old friends and a bit of family. My Awesome Friend Alan™, who lives in Colorado, took the kids and me to Casa Bonita, which I had only heard about from the South Park episode, despite living within a short distance of it all my years in Boulder.  My son, especially, loved it, and their sopapillas were fantastic. Though I can’t say as much for most of the rest of the food.

We’ve also now started our homeschool year, and even though we’re only two days in, I think it’s going to be a good year. We’re doing a few different things this year, and spending more time on history which always makes me happy.

I also hope to do NaNoWriMo again, but I had better get my act together because I have just over two months to plan a story. I’ve done NaNoWriMo twice before. The first year I came out of it with a decent story, with some major holes to fill in later, but it worked. Last year it was a disaster. My story idea didn’t carry me through more than two weeks’ worth of writing, and so the second half of the month was merely an exercise in futility. I hope that this year I think up enough of a story to carry me through 30 days and 50,000 words. Who else is doing it this year?

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